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Caregivers of Mother Earth Blog

I've been on a magic carpet ride for the past 2 years and 2 months with no end in sight. This amazing adventure began when I was given a birthday gift in February 2020 by my best friend. She knows people in every walk of life and she has an uncanny way of knowing just when to connect individuals. She's incredible!

She gifted me an appointment with a medical and spiritual intuitive. I was reluctant at first to schedule an appointment. But after the third time asking me if I had booked a session, I made the call and the rest of the story is off the charts.

On the day of my appointment, I came in with an open heart and very few expectations. An hour later and pages of notes, I was utterly astonished. The messages shared could only have come from my maternal grandmother, who's name I was given at birth. Everything I was told has come to pass!

In 2 years and 2 months, I've written and published four Nature Connections children's books, founded a nonprofit, Caregivers of Mother Earth and written a novel for pre-teens entitled, Pathfinders, Dawn of Understanding. I said, YES to my Ancestor Team, whom I fondly call my 'A Team'. I had never done any of these things but in my corporate career and training in Plant Spirit Medicine, I trusted that support from God would come when needed. 

I keep saying, "YES," and the wind continues to be in my sails. Our Divine Creator calls us to live a full life at every age. At 69 I now say, "You are never too old or too young to dream big." Join me on this journey to connect children and nature as Caregivers of Mother Earth.

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