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Would you like your city to participate as a Caregivers of Mother Earth City?

Click button to the right and download form to register!

Join our grassroots movement in your town by encouraging your City Council to follow in the footsteps of Hendersonville, NC, our cornerstone Caregivers of Mother Earth City as of September 1, 2022.


Designation Guidelines:

Have your Mayor, City Council, and Environmental Sustainability Board champion the program.

Incorporate at least 2 action items per fiscal year focused on improving children’s connection with nature in your Environmental Sustainability Plan.

Register and pay a nominal fee annually to COME based on population. ($250  - $750).

Display approved signage at city limits.

Educate and Communicate - Ecological servant leadership as a priority for all to embrace.

Benefits develop as Caregivers of Mother Earth assists you in enhancing city services in harmony with other sustainability programs as an overarching way to speak about and galvanize programs.

Becoming a Caregivers of Mother Earth City is a unifying opportunity to know one another and discover our similarities as we care for Mother Earth.

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