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Caregivers of Mother Earth

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Children in the Garden
Gardening Class

Garden Exploration

Edible Gardens & More

Children learn by getting their hands in the soil as seeds of knowledge sprout. They form a lifelong connection with the earth.

Each child will leave camp with their own Nature Connections books, a Caregivers of Mother Earth bookbag and a framed certificate showing they are a Caregiver of Mother Earth.

Learn Nature's Cycles

Everything is connected in the web of life.

We give to nature and nature gives to us. Lifecycles in nature teach lessons that awaken childlike innocence and wonderment.

A special end-of-summer celebration for all Caregivers of Mother Earth  will culminate with the planting of a tree. They can watch their special tree grow and remember their camp experiences. 

Feed Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

"Food is medicine and medicine is food." Hippocrates 

Developing an understanding of where our food comes from and how it is grown creates valuable lessons for a healthy life.

Schools, businesses and community government officials become designated Caregivers of Mother Earth.

Our grass roots movement will help everyone come together for a powerful cause - Our Children and Mother Earth!

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