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Caregivers of Mother Earth, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is based out of Hendersonville, NC. It began in the spring of 2022 as a simple idea to connect people with a unifying purpose; to get children outside in nature, to live sustainably and to build trusting relationships.




In our first year, 2022, we partnered with farm camps to reach 80 children. Each child received a Caregivers of Mother Earth reusable tote bag with a set of 4 Nature Connections books. On the last day of camp, they were presented a framed certificate declaring each camper as an Official Caregiver of Mother Earth.




We had two major events in September, 2022. First was the unanimous decision by the Hendersonville City Council to become the cornerstone Caregivers of Mother Earth City. We are presently working on designing informational signs to be posted at selected city limits roadways. Plans are being incorporated to add pollinator gardens and environmental educational opportunities at parks and on other city land.

Secondly, we invited all 80 campers and their parents and grandparents to a special Community Celebration with Hendersonville’s Mayor Volk. She read a City of Hendersonville Proclamation announcing them as the inaugural class of Caregivers of Mother Earth. A beautiful native Moonglow Magnolia was planted by the children in a local park to commemorate the event. To cap off the celebration, a beautiful park bench was dedicated to Caregivers of Mother Earth with a ribbon cutting by the mayor.






We are making memories that will last a lifetime! Year after year these children and their families can visit the park and see how they and their special tree continues to grow as they strengthen their connection with nature.

In addition to working with our farm camp partners again in 2023, we have made available 10 scholarships to children who otherwise would not be able to afford camp.


Another major growth area is our ECO Kids Multigenerational Garden Program. Working with local Boys and Girls Clubs, Elementary Schools, Master Gardener Programs and active retirement community volunteers we are perfecting a scalable recipe for success.


As we grow our roots firmly in the soil, we will be able to expand programs working with other communities. This grassroots effort can, over time, become a widespread movement!

Let’s all come together as a groundswell of like-minded people to connect children with nature. Just like in nature, the acorn goes into the dark earth holding the vision of what it will one day become: a mighty oak! From this oak tree can come many forests.

This what we’re all about and we welcome your support of your time, talents or treasures.

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Connect Children with Nature
Connect Children with Nature
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