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Spring is just around the corner and Caregivers of Mother Earth is getting ready for a growth spurt! We are partnering with Hendersonville’s Environmental Sustainability Board to hold our very first Earth Day celebration on April 22nd. You are welcome to enjoy this fun day and celebrate with us!



Hendersonville’s Garden Jubilee is another great place to visit. Caregivers of Mother Earth will be present and we welcome you to visit our booth. Elle Travis, Chief Pollinator of Caregivers of Mother earth will be presenting Horticultural Therapy – A Garden Produces More than Fruit and Vegetables



June ushers in Pollinator Month in Hendersonville. Caregivers of Mother Earth will be participating in several pollinator awareness events throughout the month Stay tuned and update will follow as more information becomes available.

Contact Elle at Caregivers of Mother Earth ( if you know of an opportunity to promote Caregivers of Mother Earth in your community.

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Children’s Learning Books
Children’s Learning Books
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